Sunday, March 02, 2014

Wet Sunday at Marton

Went to Marton this morning, it is always a good bet if the weather looks dodgy, better in a hide than outside getting wet.
Quite a lot of activity for a bad day and I only stopped for 4 hours to get quite a good selection.
Bullfinches were showing realy well for a change but only 3 Goldfinches all morning, still it was worth the trip.

As usual the rest are on the Picasa / Google + site.


  1. I am so amazed at the different birds you have posted.

    In Canada where I live. And not many other parts of Canada have the birds I am seeing. The patterns and the colors. Always looking like colors of rainbow variety marking of Gods touches.

    So I love to look at such pretty birds. you have so gracefully taken. Love all your takes.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Top Bullfinch image first class mate I would be proud to have that in my collection well done.

  3. Very nice these photo's of the birds, especially the Bullfinches and the berries ! Great combination for a shot!!!!