Monday, February 18, 2013

Strange sort of day

I think, because it was the first really nice day of the year, every one and his dog was out and about today.
All of the car parks were full and most of the wildlife had done a runner, to escape the mad rush.
Found these wagtails  frolicking in the sun by the river on the car park at the top of wildboarclough, the runners were on the way down from the Cat and Fiddle.
Rudyard produced the usual Tit's and Finches and that was about all before I had to get away from the crowds.
Sorry to say that I am not a lot of good with crowds of people and get very fed up with speaking to folk who can't be bothered to answer back,  I say that I get worse with age, others say I have always been a miserable sod, not that it matters much because I still prefer it when it is nice and quiet.