Sunday, March 31, 2013

Out again

Sorry for the length of time between post's but I have just spent 2 week's struck down with some virus and this is the first time out.
Didn't miss much by the feel of the weather, every body I have spoken to says how slow it has been and by the lack of new arrivals I could find they seem to be right.
Did see 2 Teal on Knypersley and a Shoveler on Westport but got no photo's, did get a few and some of them are here, the rest you will find on Picasa


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Quick trip to Westport

Not in work today, I had to go to a Funeral at 1.30, so a wander around Westport was on the cards first.

Muscovy was on its usual perch, Gooseander avoiding me as usual, Pochards floating with heads tucked away.
Coots nest building, Grebes nest building, spent a good 30 mins watching a Coot trying to pinch the Grebes nesting site and they were having none of it.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

A Day at Marton

Went to Marton for a day in the hides, weather started off terrible, after the fine start to Saturday the overcast grey morning didn't promise much.
After a lot of praying to the weather man he turned on the sun and we got a good few hours of nice weather, it even got a bit warmer.
Heard and in flight saw Buzzards but none came to have their pictures taken.