Sunday, August 11, 2013

Astle Park Steam Fair 11-8-13

After last weeks visit to the county game fair, we switched today and went about 5 miles east to Astle Park and the steam fair.
Steam engine's, Land Rover's, vintage motor cycle's, vintage car's and tractor's were the order of the day, any one that knows me well, will know how I feel about Land Rovers, having had to repair countless examples over the last 48 years, I put them on the same level as Morris 1000's. CRAP.
Nostalgia  is fine when you don't have to mend the bloody things, I was looking at a very nice Lanchester of 1948 vintage, which makes it as old as me, when the bloke sat inside asked me what I thought of it,( fool) well I am not in the habit of bending the truth, so I told him, since when did they use vinyl pin stripe in the 1940's, totally ruined a good job. Don't think he liked the answer.
Anyway here are a selection of the days photo's.

The rest can be found in the usual place on Picasa, hope you enjoy.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Chesire Game and Country Fair.

Visited the fair today and the following are a sample of the ( to many ) photos taken, please note that the birds are captive. Entry at £20 a car  was not to bad as long as you were not on your own , the weather stayed fine, proving the weather men wrong once more. Picture 4 shows the required dogs, boots and push chair needed to fit in with the Cheshire set, goes with out saying that I didn't fit, I do like the posh wellies in picture 7 though and think I might get a pair.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't normally do this , Canon 50D, 70 x 200L, 200 and 400 iso, the one view is taken on a Panasonic LX3, as compacts go I have to say this one is good, 10 meg, f2 with good manual overrides.
Remember to click the images for a bigger view.

These were the best captive raptors I've seen.

Love the wellies.

These lads won everything in site, no-one got near them.

Ear muffs keep out the noise, I wonder if lungs like all the dust.

Jive Pony were very clever.