Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday 9th had a bright idea !

Picked Trace and Steve up at 7 set off for Leighton Moss---Mistake---left all of the sun behind and drove in to a dismal grey day.
Change of plan, ring the wife who says sun is shinning at home, so back down the M6, phone Dave at Marton , spend the afternoon in the hides.

Salvaged a disaster, 230 miles and ended up 4 miles outside Congleton, did manage to get a few decent images, even though the wren images I have been after, were taken by someone else, thanks Trace, I will persevere until I get the ones I want.


  1. Hi Neil... I think the first is a Bullfinch that right . Anyway he is gorgeous and so are the photos of him and your other sweet's!!
    Hope you don't have to persevere to long : )


  2. Yes Grace it is a Bullfinch and I will get the Wren images I am after soon. Thanks, glad about the eyes.