Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rainy Saturday

Rain and wind, not a good day to photograph bird's, so time for an update, here are some of my latest images .
Now I am over all of my recent ill's I have visited Marton in my usual manner ,3-4 times a week.
It's now the time of year to pair up and all of the species on the farm are in full show off mode, nest building is ongoing and spring is supposed to be here (? ) I have also managed to get a few days fishing in, the best of which resulted in a very nice Barbel off the river Dane at Middlewich.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Out again

I did manage to get out for an hour or so last weekend and have also managed Monday and Thursday this week. All of the medication finishes today, so hoping to be back to normal. Since I retired, on the 26th, I should now be able to spend a bit more time on hobbies like photography, walking and fishing. One problem is Marton is predominantly a trout fishery and I can't stand fly fishing, having coarse fished since the age of 8, this is what I know and will be staying with, even so I will not be returning to the match scene, spent 35 years at that, so I will have to practice pleasure fishing.