Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wednesday off

My day off today, so out for the sun rise.
Got down to Rode Pool to catch the rays coming over Mow Cop.
Next on to the motorway and up to Crosby, I have been saying for ages that I would go and take a look at the sculptures on the beach, so last night checked the tide tables.
Arrived to find the tide well out but the sun well hidden, wandered around took a few shots and waited for the sun, Bingo it arrived.  Well worth the trip and I hope you like the results, as usual the rest can be found by following the link above to Google+/Picasa.


  1. Hi Neil...Awesome sunrise shoot!! So very interesting these sculptures, they look so real, but of course I don't know to many people would roll in the mud to look like that lol!!

    Eye update ...Capulomolmy laser procedure took five minutes !! It is all the tests and paper work before hand that takes the longest time !! It is a strange sensation when he hits the spots with the laser to break up the film !! Still have some floating of the film that needs to settle and some blurring but should be fine in a few days "I Hope"!!


  2. Przepiekne kadry ,a rzeżby wygladają bardzo realistycznie .Pozdrawiam

  3. Thanks folks. Well done Grace hope they settle down soon, keep me posted.

  4. The first image is an absolute stunning shot Neil.
    Dont fancy the job of those blokes stood in the water though.{:))

  5. Need good wellys and thick socks Roy