Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rudyard Lake Saturday 25-1-14

The weather was not really to good and a quick look at Knypersley showed no promise, so over the top and down to the bridge at Rudyard.
No one had been to put any feed out for what looked like days, so I lay down a reasonable amount, at each end of the wall, after only a few minutes I had an influx of all the usual culprits, the only problem was the weather was turning fast.
With only a 40 min window before the rain I took as many as I could, here are the results.

Please can we have some good weather soon.

The rest are as usual on my Picasa site but there are not many this time.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pennington Flash on Sunday

For our first real outing of the new year, Tracey and myself took a trip up to Pennington, if the weather is no good and the birds don't come out to play, there is always the chip van, thank goodness for the chip van.
The weather did not really play the game and kept hiding behind the black clouds, we had a good walk and managed to find a few birds worth looking at and a few pic's were taken, a selection can be found here and the rest on my Picasa site.
As usual with all of our recent trips north of Staffordshire, the sun came out on the way back down the motor way and stayed out all the way home.

Early view looking from the car park

I have to say that the male Swan deserves a medal as the weather and I imagine the water was below FREEZING, he did not give up.....