Sunday, October 09, 2011

Formark Res

Just as most of the local waters,  this one finds itself low on water.

We walked all the way down the left hand bank and at the bottom just before Carver rocks ( SSSI ) were the biggest Coots I have ever seen,  the amount of food must be massive they look more like Turkeys in size,  these were the prominent bird on the day, there were plenty of Mallards and a few Swans and Gulls  but not much else.
We may have been a bit early and will have to re-visit in a few weeks.

The woods around Carver Rocks are the most impressive I have ever seen for Toadstools and Fungi,  if this is your interest get over here.

These are just an example of the ones we found on the day,  Tracey must have taken dozens,  some of which you will find posted on Steve's Picasa site.
Do not be fooled all of the photo's on this site are taken by Tracey. not Steve.