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Monday, July 01, 2013

End of June

In a way I will be glad to see the back of this month, not the best June I have ever seen, the longest day has bin and gone without me noticing, when I was a kid the sun shone till 10 o'clock at night ( I think, can't really remember that long ago ).
Anyway an early trip to Knype with Trace resulted in a few good shots and some 1/2 decent light.
Roll on the summer !!


  1. Hi Neil...Nice shots of the Tree Creeper, a not so easy to get !!
    Love all these guy's, I have the Red Breasted Nuthatch here, and we also have the White breasted Nuthatch!! The Red I seem to see less often in the summer, the White visits the feeder the most!!

    Not sure but I think it is the Magpie?? I like that shot cute little pose going on there!!
    Take care

  2. It is a magpie Grace. Hope you are all well.