Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A visit to Marton

I always like going to Marton and having a natter with Dave.
Today I was limited to the top 2 hides nearest the car park, due to using a crutch to over come my old war wound { fell of my motorbike 6 years ago and on Wednesday, for some reason, my ankle had blown up like a balloon }some war wound !!!
So I hobbled and Trace carried all the kit, good girl. For a change the weather played ball and we got some 1/2 decent light. 


  1. HI Neil
    Sorry to hear that your "OLD WAR INJURY" ; )!
    I do hope it is doing better or you know what is causing the problem anyway !
    What a nice of set of photos
    (Thanks to Tracey) ; ) of these cuties from your neck of the woods across the pond! : )!
    Love that little mouse!!
    Don't fall of those crutch!!

  2. Unas grandes capturas
    Un gran saludo de un seguidor de tu blog sigue asi

  3. These are beautiful birds Neil and so nice sitting up on the Barbwire. You are a pro at your photography.

    I so enjoy all you have shown. I must say your word vertification has not given me any problems. Others have.

    If it had I would not have stayed. I am not a word vertification person.