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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Out again

Sorry for the length of time between post's but I have just spent 2 week's struck down with some virus and this is the first time out.
Didn't miss much by the feel of the weather, every body I have spoken to says how slow it has been and by the lack of new arrivals I could find they seem to be right.
Did see 2 Teal on Knypersley and a Shoveler on Westport but got no photo's, did get a few and some of them are here, the rest you will find on Picasa



  1. Hi Neil...I love a waterfall no matter how small or large just the sound of it is special nice is a nice shot!!
    The Mouse coming through the hole is just long did you wait to get that
    one ; )!!
    The stride of the Magpie (?) made me laugh!
    Nice ones Neil!!
    Hope your Easter day was a "good one" as it must be close to early evening there !! : )

  2. Very beautiful takes. I hope your feeling better soon Neil.