Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The last 2 Sundays have found us wandering around a bit nearer to home, Keele to be precise.
Over the previous 8 weeks I have had lens replacement surgery to both eyes, resulting in a massive improvement in vision ie only needing glasses for reading and close work.
Having worn glasses for the last 42 years, this is to say the least pretty good.

Back to Keele and the trees, lakes and wildlife, I will be visiting here a lot more in the future as it holds a large variety of different species in various habitats.
Up to now only  prelim walks to get to know the place, so no wildlife pics at the moment, the following is just a taster of the place and no doubt wildlife will follow .


  1. Hi Popey...I went yesterday for my first (finally) pre op and evaluation for my cataracts with my first being removed on April 4Th...I'm ready now since I have gne from being far sighted to near sited !!!
    Your post is lovely..the trail through the tree is so inviting, and the old mill wheeel.. the blue- purple flower is gorgeous!! : }
    Happy your eye problems are doing so well :}

  2. Very happy for you, mine are absolutely brilliant.
    I only had 6 days of work whilst having both of them done and was able to remove the patch after only 1 night, take it steady for a few days, drops every day for 2 weeks and hey presto!!!! new eyes........
    Good luck....