Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pennington Flash

Why have we not been here before?
Never mind the chip van on the car park!!!  Proper hides in sensible places,  solid build of mainly breeze block,  stops all of the creaking and groaning, of most of the hides you find.
Good paths, plenty of variety of flora,  1 large lake and what seems like a dozen smaller pool's but most of all more species in one place than we have normally found.
If you have not been, GO,  Motorway and Main road all the way, good parking at £1.20 for all day and the best bit Good Chips.

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  1. Hi popey...Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments on my "ramblings"...!!
    You have a very nice blog here!
    I love that cute little cute, just as long as he isn't in my cupboards haha!!
    My favorite you have over there is the Long Tailed sweet..and your photos are great the Bullfinch I am even remembering the names!!