Saturday, February 22, 2014

A quick wander after lunch.

Just a few taken at Knype this afternoon.


  1. Hi Neil... What would it be like without birds, as I can see out of the corner of my eye birds coming and going at the feeders !!
    They make my day !! Thanks for sharing your colorful birds !!
    I wonder if that little Robin was confused at the turn round sign!! : )


    PS I will be going on March 3rd for a laser treatment to break open a film that formed over both lenses that where put in when I had my cataracts removed !! My left eye vision is real blurry, and of course that is the eye I use for the camera viewer!!
    Have you had any problems ???

  2. Sorry to here that you need further treatment on your eyes, please keep me up to date with how you get on, I have had no problems at all with mine since the operations and now have near perfect vision without the use of glasses accept for reading.
    Best wishes and a speedy recovery. Neil