Sunday, August 04, 2013

Chesire Game and Country Fair.

Visited the fair today and the following are a sample of the ( to many ) photos taken, please note that the birds are captive. Entry at £20 a car  was not to bad as long as you were not on your own , the weather stayed fine, proving the weather men wrong once more. Picture 4 shows the required dogs, boots and push chair needed to fit in with the Cheshire set, goes with out saying that I didn't fit, I do like the posh wellies in picture 7 though and think I might get a pair.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't normally do this , Canon 50D, 70 x 200L, 200 and 400 iso, the one view is taken on a Panasonic LX3, as compacts go I have to say this one is good, 10 meg, f2 with good manual overrides.
Remember to click the images for a bigger view.

These were the best captive raptors I've seen.

Love the wellies.

These lads won everything in site, no-one got near them.

Ear muffs keep out the noise, I wonder if lungs like all the dust.

Jive Pony were very clever.


  1. HI Neil... And a grand time was had by all ; )
    Wonderful shot's of the raptors, gorgeous birds!!

    Brave ladies on horses, you would not get up on one for love nor money!! ; )


  2. They would have to fit engines and wheels before I had a go.
    Thanks Grace keep well.