Monday, January 28, 2013

After the thaw

Last night most of the snow melted or was washed away, a trip to to the moorlands last Sunday didn't bring a lot of success, so a trip today was called for.
After a 1/2 hour wander and a bit of waiting look what arrived.

I get the feeling that Mr Seal may know where this bird is, due to the fact that he may have some pictures of the same bird.  Only guessing !!!
You should really follow this link to see the photo's Tracey got of the same bird.

Yesterday I took a trip down to Westport lake and had not a bad hour or so.


  1. Hi Neil...Wow lucky you, he is a beauty, and a short time out at that!! : )
    Wonderful shots, just a awesome looking bird!
    I did see Tracey's they are fabulous!!

  2. Thanks Grace it was a good day out.