Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tunstall Park---Dark and Wet

Waited to see what the weather was going to do before going out, dah, waste of time.
Took a run down to Westport and sat in the car, in the rain, looking out of the window at the rain, decided to go home via Tunstall Prk, because I was calling in at Home Bargains in Kidsgrove for some bird seed etc, shock horror the Goosanders are on the lake along with the Little Grebes.
Spent an hour waiting for the birds and the weather to be in the right place for some 1/2 decent pictures.

These are about as good as I could get, will have to hope they stay long enough to get them in some decent light.

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  1. HI Neil...What you call Goosanders there we call the Common Mergansers (same bird) here!
    We also have the Hooded Merganser which I was photographing yesterday on my walk by the river!!
    Mine are no where as good as yours : ) They are a pretty bird .still can't get over the difference between the male and female colors!!
    Those cute little Grebes I don't have here!!
    Be lucky to have just rain..It snowed today about 10 inches and gusty wild winds brrr!
    Had a lot of birds to feed : )